David Halley, Former President PASAR corporation (Glencore)

If you need quick, sustainable results from your IT, then you need to hire Ocius. I brought them in for an initial 12-month contract to rebuild a significantly underperforming IT department and prepare the team for a significant modernization and expansion project. The team contained some good people, but lacked strategy, direction and innovation. The business (a remotely located manufacturing plant with a capital city corporate office) had over 1,000 employees, and IT was responsible for ERP, communication systems, proprietary programming and standard desktop applications.

The brief was to create a high performing team that delivered what the business needed both immediately and for the future. They were to find an IT director from within and train them, or otherwise recruit externally. The budget was lean.

After careful assessment of the current status and consultation on future needs, the improvements came quickly. After approximately 6 months the business was hit by a severe typhoon, which amongst other things destroyed 95% of the IT and communications infrastructure at the remote site.

PASAR Headoffice



Fortunately, amongst other improvements a robust backup system had been implemented during the prior 6 months, and within a couple of days’ basic services were restored on salvageable hardware. With a newly recruited IT Manager, Ocius and the full team developed a clear rehabilitation plan. Through innovative thinking and good external relationships, they were able to have preliminary communications restored in under a week. A rebuild of IT infrastructure & architecture was materially implemented within 4 months. This took the business from largely 2003 era technology to current best practice. Whilst end-user training continued beyond this time, under ordinary circumstances it would have been a 2+ year project to achieve the same outcome. That it was compressed into this small a time frame is a credit to Ocius team.

I highly recommend Ocius.


Paul Ryan (Tellabs UK)

Ocius are a very capable, dynamic, and driven , the program director quickly grasped opportunities to drive up customer satisfaction and our business success. Ocius’s process oriented approach has generated rapid, scalable business opportunities, operating efficiencies and direct improvements to the bottom line. Drew is an asset to the team, and is successful at anything he turns his hand to.


Bob Weston Wipro Consulting Services

Ocius did a fantastic job at Vodafone UK putting in place enhanced processes that clarified roles and speeded up delivery whilst reducing costs and improving our service to the customer. their hands on, no nonsense, energetic and dynamic approach made light work of a number of policy and process issues. They were always a joy to work with, providing clear and sensible recommendations for improvements. I was impressed by the rapid grasp of complex issues and their ability to put in place the necessary remedial actions quickly and without fuss. I recommend Ocius services.

Davina Adams  Business owner  Davina Adams VA

After a recent assessment with Ocius, I’d recommend the pragmatic, simple advice given and the action plan I have taken away.  No need to worry about GDPR if you put the right processes in place.  Highly recommended.