Overseas teams and or service providers?

This brings a whole new dynamic and complexity to solutions and control of Information.

European Residents data is covered by the EU GDPR no matter where it is held Globally.

So if your business “uses  or supplies” any Offshore, Outsources or Cloud service we can help you.

Whether its:

  • Offshore services
    • whether they are EU or ASIA based 
  • Has offshore or remote offices
    • Inside or outside of the EU
  • we can we offer the experience and understanding required to ensure you get the right Processes, Corporate Rules and or Binding Contracts in Place.


People are our greatest and most expensive assets as well as out greatest threat. We all need to be able to rely on the people who work for us and or our providers and we need to have the assurance and therefore trust that they have our business’s and customers best interest at heart.

This brings a new dynamic to the arena and at Ocius we can help you navigate the Complexities, or Cross border data sharing and or processing.

We work with Global talent and offshoring or service providers in Asia and businesses that use Outsourced or offshore models to ensure they are ready for the rigors of Information security.  

Do you use Providers, services and or technology that are hosted for your business inside or outside the EU? DO you know where they actually are? Well you need to…..Whether its:

  • Email delivery solutions
    • Google
    • O365
    • Apple mail services
  • File storage or online backup tools?
    • Drop box
    • Google Drive
    • Crashplan
    • OneDrive
  • Online Payroll or Accounting software?
    • Sage online
    • Xero
    • Another
  • Remote customer service or Back office teams?
    • Europe
    • India
    • Asia

Make sure you know what you use, where it is and what security levels they use.

Our team have professional experience setting up, running and improving virtual teams over many years, and a clear insight into how these are best managed for a Data and Information management perspective.

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