Ocius was born in 2013 in Asia with a focus on delivering high performance solutions, processes and teams for global business. Managing Director, Drew Nash, had spent many years working with some of the largest corporations in their respective arena’s (Nokia, Vodafone, Plantronics, Microsoft, Glencore) and had been Identified as a talent for problem solving, continuously being parachuted in to problem environments and developing solutions and processes that deliver quick results, high operating efficiencies and significant reductions to business overheads.

Following successful delivery of many programmes for major corporations, Drew realised he could provide a more valued and encompassing service from a company focused on improvement and compliance with a flexible and customised service package, utilising all aspects of the services he had engaged and delivered. Customising solutions that ranges from consultancy, Technical, Process, Governance design and implementation and virtual talent identification opportunities.

Passionate about working with companies to utilise existing tools, processes and teams, reviewing and improving every aspect of delivery. Bringing a new perspective to the organisations we partner with and drive the change for them. providing real value, we strive to help produce benefits that are long term, flexible and fully aligned to your organisations future vision.

We continue to grow in reputation and will continue to deliver and manage a range of services to healthcare, Education, technical, online, finance, manufacturing, eCommerce, BPO, Mineral, Retail, Marketing and professional service organisations. Always looking to build better solutions and add more value for new and existing customers.


A fresh pair of eyes can make a world of difference…….